Water logger

  • U20

    HOBO Water Level Kits combine high-accuracy water level measurements with out-of-the-box convenience. The Deluxe Kit includes a carrying case, two HOBO Water Level Loggers (one 13' and one 13', 30' or 100'), HOBOware Pro software, and a HOBO Waterproof Data Shuttle. The Starter Kit includes a HOBO Water Level Logger, HOBOware Pro Software, and an Optic USB Base Station. Available in 13’, 30’, and 100’ depths.

  • U22

    Onset HOBO Water Temp Pro v2 data logger features 12-bit resolution and a precision sensor for ±0.2°C accuracy over a wide temperature range. Designed with a durable, streamlined case for extended deployment in fresh or salt water, the Water Temp Pro v2 is equipped with an Optic USB interface for data offload in the field, even when the data logger is wet.

  • U24

    Onset HOBO U24 Conductivity Loggers are high-accuracy, cost-effective data loggers for a variety of fresh and saltwater monitoring applications. Ideal for environmental impact studies, stormwater management, and water quality studies, HOBO conductivity loggers are easy to deploy and maintain, and provide 0.1ºC temperature accuracy with fast response. The HOBO U24-001 measures conductivity and temperature in freshwater; the HOBO U24-002 measures conductivity, salinity and temperature in saltwater.