Training kit

  • ChungPa - CP

    Smart Grid (Solar/Wind/Fuel Cell) Training System

  • ChungPa - EIS

    EIS-2000 allows the user to measure insulation resistance, earth resistance, assistance earth resistance, effect of ground voltage and unique ground resistance of electric facilities as this equipment comprises electricity facility circuits of single-phase AC and 3-phase AC.

  • Omron - IA

    Using a practical approach for trainees to apply their programming knowledge to control this highly interactive coffee maker. Incorporating industrial component which includes Sensor, RFID, PLC and Touchscreen technology, trainee will be able to simulate a complete coffee making process with full visualization through the HMI.

  • Socomec - EE

    This interactive kit has been designed to allow trainee to understand and appreciate energy efficiency concept through demonstrating the various motor control mode using DOL, Soft Starter and Frequency Inverter and illustrating the difference in motor consumption. The handson approach also provides the trainee with an opportunity to learn about basic electrical connection concept.