• H3CR

    Multiple Operating Modes and Multiple Time Ranges. DIN 48 x 48-mm Multifunctional Timer with Wide AC/DC Power Supply Range for Both High and Low Voltages. • A wide AC/DC power supply range greatly reduces the number of timer models kept in stock. • A wide range of applications with multiple operating modes, six modes for 11-pin models and four modes for 8-pin models. • Ecological design with reduced current consumption. • Easy sequence checking with instantaneous outputs for a zero set value. • Length of 80 mm or less when panel-mounted with a P3GA-11 Socket (H3CR-A8E, 100 to 240 VAC, 100 to 125 VDC) • PNP input models available. • Standards: UL, CSA, NK, LR, EN 61812-1, and CE Marking.

  • H3JA

    Economical, Compact, Plug-in Timer ■ Time limit operation with automatic resetting. ■ DIN size (36 × 36 mm), fits standard 8-pin sockets. ■ Wide choice of supply voltages: 24, 100 to 120, 200 to 240 VAC, 12, 24 VDC. ■ Dual LED indication for power and output statuses. ■ Large transparent setting knob. ■ Setting error rating almost matches that of a 48 × 48 timer. ■ Conforms to UL and CSA, and meets CE marking requirements.

  • H3Y

    Miniature Timer Compatible with the MY Relay • Semi-multi power supply voltage. • Large transparent time setting knob facilitates time setting. A flat-blade and Phillips screwdriver can also be used for time setting. • Pin configuration compatible with MY Power Relay. • LED indication for power and output statuses. • Conforms to EMC standards. • Conforms to EN61812-1 and approved by UL and CSA.

  • H5CX

    Ultra-compact Timer Provides Advanced Functions and Security Settings. Basic Features • Short body with depth of only 59 mm (for 24-VAC / 12 to 24-VDC Models with Screw Terminals). *1 • Character height of 12 mm for better readability (on models with 4 digits). • The present value display characters can be switched between red, green, and orange. *2 Safety and Reliability • Power supply circuit and input circuits are isolated for safety and reliability. *3 • New set value limit and output counter functions have been added. *4