• SS

    Subminiature Basic Switch Offers High Reliability and Security ● The OMRON's best-selling micro switches of a wide variety from 0.1A to 10.1A. ● A variety of models are available, with operating force ranging from low to high. ● Two split springs ensure a high stability and durability of 30,000,000 operations.

  • V

    Miniature Basic Switch that Offers High Reliability and Security ● Wide variation of best-selling microswitches with switching currents of 10 to 21 A. ● Can be used for interrupting current when doors are opened or closed. ● Available in two types of cases: thermoplastic resin and thermosetting resin.

  • WL

    Wide Range of Two-circuit Switches; Select One for the Operating Environment/ Application • A wide selection of models are available, including the overtravel models with greater OT, indicator-equipped models for checking operation, low-temperature models, heat-resistant models, and corrosion-proof models. • Microload models are added to the product lineup. • Meets EN/IEC standards (only Switches with ground terminals and prewired connectors with DC specifications). • Switches with ground terminals and prewired connectors with DC specifications have the CE marking.

  • Z

    General Purpose Basic Switch • High precision basic switch in a variety of styles • Wide margins of operating conditions increase the operating speed range • Available in general purpose and drip-proof types

  • ZC

    Small, High-precision Enclosed Switch • Small, High-precision Enclosed Switches with Built-in Basic Switches for High Repeatability and Durability of 10 Million Operations Minimum. • Same mounting pitch as Z Basic Switch. • Requires less operating force than conventional limit switches. • Lineup includes modes with operation indicators for easy maintenance and inspection. • Approved by EN, UL, CSA, and CCC (Chinese standard).

  • ZE

    General-purpose Enclosed Switches with High Breaking Capacity and High Durability • Z General-purpose Basic Switches are built into ZE, ZV, and ZV2 Switches. They provided high durability and high breaking capacity. • X Basic Switches with magnetic blowout are built into XE, XV, and XV2 Switches. DC models have also been added to the series. • Three mounting methods (side, base, and diagonal side) and many types of actuator are available. • Terminals face the front when the cover is removed for easy connection. • Switches with ground terminals have CE marking. • Approved by UL, CSA, and CCC (Chinese standard).