Solid State Relay

  • G3F/G3FD

    International Standards for G3F Series, Same Profile as MY Power Relays • Shape-compatible with mechanical relays. • Certified by UL, CSA, and VDE (model numbers with a suffix of “-VD”). • Socket type, same size as MY Power Relays. • Operation indicator provided to confirm input (model numbers with “N” before the suffix).

  • G3NA

    Wide Lineup of General-purpose Solid State Relays with Applicable Loads of 5 to 90 A • AC Output Relays with 75-A and 90-A output currents have been added to the G3NA Series. • All models feature the same compact dimensions to provide a uniform mounting pitch. • Built-in varistor effectively absorbs external surges. (except G3NA-D210B) • Operation indicator enables monitoring operation. • Protective cover for greater safety. • Standard models certified by UL and CSA and -UTU models by TÜV. (except G3NA-410B, G3NA-420B, and G3NA-440B(-2))

  • G3PA

    Extremely Thin Relays Integrated with Heat Sinks • Downsizing achieved through optimum design of heat sink. • Mounting possible via screws or via DIN track. • Close mounting possible for linking terminals. (Except for G3PA- 260B-VD and G3PA-450B-VD-2.) • Applicable with 3-phase loads. • Replaceable power element cartridges. • Comply with VDE 0160 (finger protection), with a dielectric strength of 4,000 V between input and load. • Certified by UL, CSA, and VDE (reinforced insulation).

  • G3PE

    Compact, Slim-profile SSRs with Heat Sinks. Models with No Zero Cross for a Wide Range of Applications. • RoHS compliant. • Models also available with no zero cross • Improved surge dielectric strength for output circuits. • Compact with a slim profile. • Mount to DIN Track or with screws. • Certification pending for UL, CSA, and EN (TÜV certification).

  • G3R-I/O

    Compact SSRs for I/O Interface with High Dielectric Strength Requirements • High-speed models with optimum input ratings for a variety of sensors are available. • Input Modules and Output Modules that can be used for the G2R are available. • Use a coupler conforming to VDE 0884 and assuring an I/O dielectric strength of 4,000 V. • Incorporate an easy-to-see monitoring indicator. • -UTU models certified by UL, CSA, and TÜV.

  • G3S/G3SD

    Ultra-small Relay Breaks up to 1 A • Ultra-small, dual in-line package (DIP) SSR. • Terminals are compatible with G6B Electromagnetic Relay’s. Be capable mix with G6Bs as the application requires. • Close mounting possible. In addition, heat sink dedicated to this mounting style also available. • Both AC- and DC-load versions available. • High isolation of 2,500 VAC between input and output. • Built-in varistor effectively absorbs external surges (for AC switching).

  • G3S4

    Compact Terminal SSR with 4 Outputs • Easy-to-use SSR block that combines four compact G3S SSRs, sockets, and heat sink in one unit. • Easy wiring with separate I/O terminal construction. • LED operation indicator. • Special socket used for easy Relay replacement. • Mounts either on DIN track or with screws.