• CMA, Albedometer

    Kipp & Zonen albedometers have been developed for use in all environments, from the Antarctic to deserts. They are installed around the world for meteorology, hydrology, climate research, and agriculture. A particular use is for measuring the changing albedo of glaciers, snow and ice fields in climate change research. Kipp & Zonen CMA albedometers are convenient all-in-one instruments designed for a long operating life with simple maintenance and the light weight is ideal for portable applications

  • CMP, Pyranometer

    CMP Series pyranometers use thermopile detectors and glass or quartz domes. All models have built-in bubble levels and adjustable levelling feet. The waterproof connectors have gold-plated contacts and are fitted with 10 m of high quality signal cable as standard. The instruments do not require power and are supplied with comprehensive calibration certificates.

  • PQS, PAR Quantum Sensor

    In horticulture, to optimise crop timing and quality in greenhouses, a delicate control of light intensity is necessary. In order to achieve this continuous monitoring of the PAR levels of natural sunlight and artificial lighting inside the greenhouse is required. The PQS 1 PAR Quantum Sensor is designed to provide accurate, continuous measurement of PAR outdoors or indoors. The rugged construction makes it well protected from harsh weather conditions around the world and from exposure to pesticides.

  • UVS, Broadband UV Radiometer

    UVS instruments are fully weather protected and suitable for use in all environments. A precision quartz dome and specially shaped diffuser provide class-leading directional response. The detection system includes optical filters and a phosphor that determine the spectral response. The phosphor is very sensitive to low levels of ultraviolet radiation and is stimulated by the UV to emit green light, which is detected by a photodiode. The system is temperature stabilised at +25 °C to prevent changes in spectral response and sensitivity with variations in the ambient conditions.