• E2K-X

    General-purpose Threaded Capacitive Sensor • Product lineup with M12, M18, and M30 models. • Fixed sensing distance requires no sensitivity adjustment.

  • E2KQ-X

    Fluororesin-coated Capacitive Sensor with Sensitivity Adjuster • Excellent resistance against chemicals and oil with fluororesincoated case. • Distance adjustment according to the sensing object using the sensitivity adjuster

  • E2S

    Advanced Performance and Wide Range of Selections in a Supercompact Size • Only 5.5 × 5.5 mm with a built-in Amplifier. • Maximum sensing distance: 2.5 mm. Stable detection even with workpiece fluctuations. • Response frequency: 1 kHz. • Low current consumption.

  • TL-N & TL-Q

    A Wealth of Models for All Types of Applications • Easy installation, high-speed pulse generator, high-speed rotation control, and more. • Direct mounted to metal (-N Models). • A wealth of models ideal for limit control, counting control, and other applications (-N Models).

  • TL-W

    Standard Flat Sensors in Many Different Variations • Only 6 mm thick yet provides a sensing distance of 3 mm (TL-W3MC1). • Aluminum die-cast models also available.