• E2EV

    Long-distance Detection of Both Ferrous of Non-ferrous Metals • Same sensing distance for non-ferrous metals, such as aluminum and brass, and ferrous metals. • Maximum sensing distance of 10 mm.

  • E2EY

    A Proximity Sensor for Aluminum, Brass and Other Non-ferrous Metals. Iron Is Not Detected. • Non-ferrous metals, such as aluminum and brass, are detected. * • Ferrous metals, such as iron and nickel, are not detected. * Aluminum foil, however, cannot be detected.

  • E2F

    Proximity Sensor with Resin Case with Superb Water Resistance • IP68 protection. • Mutual interference prevention with models with different frequencies is also available.

  • E2FQ

    Inductive Profoximity Sensor with Chemical-resistant Fluororesin Case • Housing and mounting are made of Fluororesin resistant to chemicals. • Maximum sensing distance: 10 mm.

  • E2J

    Flat Capacitive Sensor with Separate Amplifier Ideal for Mounting on Robot Hands. • Flat head is only 5.5-mm thick. • Robotics cable ensures improved flexibility. • Operation indicator on the Sensor. • Easy-to-use connector.

  • E2K-C

    Long-distance Capacitive Sensor with Adjustable Sensitivity • CE Marking for DC 3-wire models and AC/DC 2-wire models. • Noise-resistant models are also available for environments with strong noise

  • E2K-F

    Flat Capacitive Sensor with a Thickness of Only 10 mm • Flat Sensor with excellent space efficiency. (Model with built-in Amplifier is only 10 mm thick.) • Direct mounting onto a metallic surface is possible.

  • E2K-L

    Liquid Level Sensor That Is Unaffected by the Color of the Pipe or Liquid • Mount to bypass pipes. • Fit a wide range of pipe diameters: 8 to 11 mm or 12 to 26 mm • Built-in Amplifiers to save space.