• E3C

    Thin, Compact Head Saves Space and Mounts Closely. Built-in Interference Protection Provided. • Input indicator on the Sensor Unit simplifies settings.

  • E3C-LDA

    Photoelectric Sensor with Separate Digital Amplifier (Laser-type) Variable Laser Beam for Spot, Line, or Area Detection • Long-distance detection (diffuse reflective: 1 m, retro-reflective: 7 m). • Beam shape selectable from spot, line, and area types to match various applications. • Adjustable spot diameter. • Adjustable optical axis. • The E3DC-LDA0, which supports the EtherCAT Sensor Communications Unit and the CompoNet Sensor Communications Unit, is also included in product lineup.

  • E3C-LDA[]AT

    New Models That Counteract the Decline in Operating Rates Caused by Dust and Dirt ■ Active Threshold Control (ATC) Automatically adjusts the threshold value. ■ ATC Error Output (Selectable Function) Provides an error output when ATC does not adjust the threshold value. ■ Alarm Output (Selectable Function) Provides an alarm when maintenance is required.

  • E3FA/RA

    Photoelectric Sensor A new generation in sensing performance ■ Simplicity ■ One family for all ■ Non-stop detection

  • E3G

    Long-distance Photoelectric Sensor with Built-in Amplifier < E3G > Workpieces Includes Retroreflective Models with Sensing Distance of 10 m and Distance Settings Up to 2 m. • Compact Retro-reflective models require less wiring and less space with a sensing distance as long as 10 m. • Distance-setting models feature a teaching function. • Stability indicator shows at a glance when operating conditions are stable. • Relay and selectable NPN/PNP transistor outputs provided. • Cable, standard connector, and terminal board models available.

  • E3JK

    Small General-purpose Photoelectric Sensor with Built-in Power Supply ■ Built-in amplifier accepts wide supply voltage range. ■ Slim, space-saving construction measures only 50 x 50 x 17.4 mm. ■ Relay outputs with long life expectancy and high switching capacity (3 A, 250 VAC). ■ Polarized retroreflective type available for glossy or shiny object detection.

  • E3JM

    Two Models Contribute to Overall Cost Reduction • Easy to wire and adjust. • Slim body is economically priced and full of functions.

  • E3NC-L

    Long-distance Variable Spot to Match the Application. Stable Detection with Pinpoint 0.1-mm Spot. • Select from two Sensor Heads to match the application from short distance to long distance. • Product variations with variable spot and pinpoint spot for stable detection of your workpieces. • Robot cable for reliable application in adverse environments. Laser Class 1 for safe application. • White on black display characters for high visibility. • Smart Tuning to achieve stable detection with easy setup.