Photo Microsensor

  • EE-SPX -W

    Photomicrosensor with built-in amplifier and attached cable reduces external light interference. • Light modulation effectively reduces external light interference. • Wide operation voltage range: 5 to 24 VDC • Easy operation monitoring with bright light indicator

  • EE-SPX303N_403N

    A Wide Slot Width of 13 mm and Superior Resistance to Light Interference and Noise. • Noise resistance equivalent to photomicrosensors with built-in amplifiers. • Resistance to common noise at least 30 times that of previous models. • Resistance to inverter noise at least 10 times that of previous models. • Reverse polarity protection built in.

  • EE-SPX613

    Liquid Level Photomicrosensor with operation mode and sensitivity selectors for easy application. • Operation mode selector allows modes to be switched easily. • Sensitivity selector is suitable for any 6- to 13-mm-diameter transparent or semi-transparent pipe with a wall thickness of 1 mm. • Uses a clean (with no powder parting agent) cable. • Operating voltage range: 12 to 24 VDC

  • EE-SPY30[]_40[]

    Photomicrosensor with light modulation is not influenced by external light. • Voltage-output models with wide operating voltage range (5 to 24 VDC). • Fitted with an easy-to-adjust optical axis mark. • Easy adjustment and optical axis monitoring with a light indicator.

  • EE-SPY31[]_41[]

    Accurately detects objects placed in front of shiny Background. • A shiny background can be used as long as the distance between the sensor and the background is 20 mm or more. • Detects minute objects such as a 0.05-mm-dia. pure copper wire. • Small dispersion in sensing distance. • Light modulation effectively reduces external light interference. • Wide operating voltage range: 5 to 24 VDC

  • EE-SX47[]_67[]

    Global Standard Slot-type photomicrosensors with 50- to 100-mA direct switching capacity. • Series includes models that enable switching between dark-ON and light-ON operation. • Response frequency as high as 1 kHz. • Easy operation monitoring with bright light indicator. • Wide operating voltage range: 5 to 24 VDC • Models in which the light indicator turns ON for dark-ON operation are also available. • A wide range of variations in eight different shapes. • Flexible robot cable is provided as a standard feature.

  • EE-SX77[]_87[]

    Slim, Compact Photomicrosensor that is still easy to use. • Compact, thin profile enables dense mounting. • Indicator is visible from both sides. • Wide operating voltage range: 5 to 24 VDC

  • EE-SX91[]

    Meeting Customer Needs with Compact Sensors that Mount with M3 Screws • Both light-ON and dark-ON outputs provided. • A compact size and choice of five models for a wide range of applications. • Compact NPN and PNP output models. • Safer operation with built-in power supply reverse polarity protection. • Output overcurrent protection with a thermal shutdown circuit (patent pending). * • Mount using M3 or M2 screws. • Indicator is visible in many directions for installation in any location. • Flexible robot cables are standard on all models. * Output overcurrent protection is provided only on output 2 (OUT2) on NPN models.