Mechanical Relay

  • G6D

    Slim, Miniature Relay, Capable of Relaying Programmable Controller and Temperature Controller Outputs • Reduced board space, ideal for high-density mounting (45%. (6.5 mm (W) × 17.5 mm (L) × 12.5 mm (H)) • Small, yet switches 5 A at 250 VAC/30 VDC. • Allows 300,000 operations with a 2-A load at 250 VAC or 30 VDC.

  • G6D/G3DZ

    Easy-to-use, Space-saving Terminal Relay with Four-point Output • Almost the same size as PYF Socket: 31 x 35 x 68 mm (W x H x D) • Each terminal circuit (with coil or contact) is independent from one another. • Short Bar ensures easy connection of common and adjacent terminals. • Provided with a terminal cover that prevents electric-shock accidents. • Relay and MOS FET relay models are available. • LED operation indicator. • Built-in diode absorbs coil surge. • Mounts either on DIN track or screws. • Tool for easy mounting or removal of Relays provided. • UL, CSA, and VDE certification for standard models (VDE: G6D-F4B only).

  • G7T

    Slim-styled I/O Relay Saves Space in Panel • SPST-NO, SPST-NC, and SPDT contact forms available for output (SPST-NO only for input). • Ultra-slim housing measuring 29 (W) x 10 (D) x 32 (H) mm. • All Output Relays provide a long endurance (1,000,000 operations at 5 A), while all Input Relays provide microswitching power (100 μA at 1 V). • Approved by UL and CSA standards.

  • LY

    A Miniature Power Relay • Equipped with arc barrier. • Dielectric strength: 2,000 V. • Built-in diode models added to the LY Series. • Single-pole and double-pole models are applicable to operating coils with ratings of 100/110 VAC, 110/120 VAC, 200/220 VAC, 220/240 VAC, or 100/110 VDC).

  • MK

    Current relay for AC coil with non-latching and lockable test button. Up to 60W.

  • MK2KP

    Latching relay for both DC and AC application.

  • MKS

    New Super MK Relays. Models with Latching Lever Added to the Series. • Same mounting and internal wiring as the previous Super MK Relays • Built-in mechanical indicator enables checking contact operation. • Two modes can be used to check circuits for models with latching lever. • Nameplate provided on models with latching lever. • All materials are RoHS compliant. • UL and IEC (TÜV) certification.

  • MY

    Versatile and Function-filled Miniature Power Relay for Sequence Control and Power Switching Applications