Mechanical Relay

  • G2R

    A Power Relay for a Variety of Purposes with Various Models ■ Conforms to VDE (EN61810-1), UL508, CSA22.2. ■ Meets EN60335-1 requirements for household products. ■ Clearance and creepage distance: 8 mm/8 m. ■ Models with CTI250 material available. ■ High-sensitivity (360 mW) and high-capacity (16 A) types available. ■ Double-winding latching type available.

  • G2RS

    Slim and Space-saving Power Plug-in Relay ■ Lockable test button models now available. ■ Built-in mechanical operation indicator. ■ Provided with nameplate. ■ AC type is equipped with a coil-disconnection self-diagnostic function (LED type). ■ High switching power (1-pole: 10 A). ■ Environment-friendly (Cd, Pb free). ■ Wide range of Sockets also available.

  • G2RV

    The World's First Industrial Slim Relay • Large plug-in terminals for reliable connection. • LED indicator and mechanical flag to check operation. • Special input type with gold plated contacts. • Transparent housing enables checking relay condition. • Slim outline to save space. • Push-in terminals and accessories for easy wiring.

  • G4Q

    Unique Ratchet Mechanism Assures Positive Alternate Transfer/Switching Operation • Each contact in the double-pole contact mechanism performs alternate make-brake operation at each pulse input and is thus ideal for alternate operation or transfer/switching operation of a motor. • Positive operation is assured due to the unique ratchet mechanism. • Satisfies dielectric strength of 2,000 VAC. • Low power consumption. (AC: approx. 6.4 VA; DC: approx. 3.9 W)

  • G5V-2

    General-purpose, Low-cost, Two-pole Relays for Signal Circults • General-purpose DIL terminal layout. • Wide switching power of 10 μA to 2 A. • Fully-sealed type Relays standardized with bifurcated crossbar contacts. Highly reliable in addition to its high environment resistance. • Conforms to FCC Part 68 (impulse withstand voltage of 1,500 V for 10 x 160 μs between coil and contacts and between contacts of the same polarity). • High dielectric strength at 1,000 VAC between coil and contacts, and 750 VAC between contacts of the same polarity. • UL and CSA standard approved.

  • G6B

    High Capacity and High Dielectric Strength Miniature Relay with Fully Sealed Construction in 5 A (8 A)

  • G6B-4

    Compact Terminal Relay with 4 Independent Outputs • Equipped with four G6B Mini-relays that are compact, highly sensitive, and highly resistant to dielectric surges, and that can switch 5 amps of power. • Sealed plastic construction used for relays. • Easy wiring with separated input/output terminals. • Special P6B Mounting Socket used to facilitate maintenance (except for high-reliability models). • UL and CSA certification for standard models (except for highreliability models). VDE certification for G6B-4BND/47BND/48BND for 12/24 VDC. • DIN Track mounting, and screw mounting models are available.

  • G6C

    Miniature High Capacity Relays with SPST-NO 10A and SPST-NO + SPST-NC 8A • SPST-NO 10A and SPST-NO + SPST-NC 8A for power switching and output that satisfy the needs for space-saving. • Small High-capacity Relays Compact: 20 × 15 × 10 mm (L × W × H). • Low power consumption: 200 mW. • Ultrasonically cleanable models is available. • Exclusive P6C model for sockets is now available.