Fiber Optic

  • E3NX-FA

    Smart Fiber Amplifier Units ■ Simpler and more dependable ■ Expanded application response capabilities ■ Clearly readable even from a distance ■ Achieve easy detection in many applications

  • E3X-DAC

    Colour Sensing Digital Fiber Sensor ■ Easy and Reliable ■ The Fiber Sensor that sees in colour

  • E3X-HD

    Surprisingly Stable Detection with Your Finger tip. Exceptionally easy operation and stabilizing technology reduce maintenance cost.

  • E3X-NA

    Simple and Easy-to-Use Amplifiers with a Sensitivity Adjuster Provided as a Standard Feature ■ Intuitive LED bar display shows light levels at a glance. ■ Utilizes OMRON’s innovative wire-saving connector. ■ Reduced wiring and space requirements for power lines. ■ Optical communications prevents mutual interference for up to 5 amplifiers ■ High-speed detection, mark-detecting, and waterresistant models also available.