Door Switch

  • D40A

    Electronic Detection Mechanism for Better Stability in Non-contact Door Switch Operation • Stable operation reduces Controller errors caused by unstable doors. • Connect up to 30 Non-contact Door Switches with LED indicators to one Controller. • Reversible switch provides flexibility in installation. • Two-color LED indicator enables easier maintenance by identification of door status and cable disconnections. • Complies with ISO 13849-1 (Safety Category 3/PLd). • Both Non-contact Door Switches and conventional Key-type Safety-door Switches can be input to one Controller, saving space. • OFF-delay output provided for stop category 1. • Easily construct partial stop and complete stop systems with the logical AND connection function, using G9SX as the Controller.

  • D4NL

    Best-selling Guard Lock Safety-door Switch Available in Several Compact, Multi-contact Models • Selectable Operation Key insertion direction and adjustable mounting ensure installation flexibility. • Built-in switches with multiple-contact construction are available. • Key holding force of 1,300 N minimum. • Can be used for either standard loads or microloads. • Lineup includes models with a conduit size of M20. • IP67 degree of protection. • Variety of Metallic Heads Available.

  • D4NS

    Multi-contact, Labor-saving, Environment-friendly, Nextgeneration Safety-door Switch • Lineup includes three contact models with 2NC/1NO and 3NC contact forms and MBB models in addition to the previous contact forms 1NC/1NO, and 2NC. • M12-connector models are available, saving on labor and simplifying replacement. • Standardized gold-clad contacts provide high contact reliability. Applicable to both standard loads and microloads. • Variety of metallic heads available.

  • D4SL-N

    World's smallest Class 6-contact Guard Lock Safety-door SwitchGuard Lock Safety-door Switch • Wiring time is reduced with two types of wiring methods capable of one-touch attachment and removal. • A wide variety of built-in switches can be used for various devices. (4-, 5-, and 6-contact models are available) • Key holding force of 1,300 N. • It is possible to change the key insertion point without detaching the head. • Drive solenoids directly from the Controller. • Lockout Key to prevent workers from becoming trapped inside the hazardous area. • The vertical D4SL Guard Lock Safety-door Switch can be easily mounted on 40 × 40 mm aluminum frames. • The plastic material makes the Slide Key suitable for lightweight doors.