LKH PRECICON Pte Ltd has come a long way since its inception in 1985. From a simple company with humble beginnings, we slowly built towards our goals and established a strong foothold in Singapore’s industrial automation industry.

Today, PRECICON is recognized as a preferred provider of the best quality protection, control, and monitoring products.

Some of the notable moments along our ongoing journey are cited below.

1985 Establishment of PRECICON Automation (S) Pte Ltd
1989 Establishment of Distribution & Control (D & C) Pte Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of PRECICON Automation (S) Pte Ltd
1995 Awarded ISO 9002 Certification, making PRECICON the first industrial product distribution company in Singapore to receive the award.
1998 Formalized joint venture with EFI Electronics (USA) to target EMC Testing and Surge Suppressor Business to form PC2M Asia Pacific.
1999 Launched PCM proposition, providing customers with total solutions in the area of Protection, Control, and Monitoring applications.
2000 Awarded Singapore Enterprise 50

Establishment of Power Quality Division to provide solutions for industrial power issues. Awarded Singapore Enterprise 50 for the second time in a row.

2003 Merge between PRECICON Automation (S) Pte Ltd and Distribution & Control Pte Ltd, forming PRECICON D&C Pte Ltd (PD&C)
2010 Celebrated 25 years of quality service and innovation
2015 Precicon D&C Pte Ltd renamed to LKH Precicon Pte Ltd under the corporate rebranding exercise


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